VIking Consultation

These web pages are intended to provide background information on the consultation process, including details of how people and organisations can contribute to the work, an archive of material produced as part of the process, and details for further contact.

Shetland Community Benefit Fund was established as an independent community benefit company by the Association of Shetland Community Councils to manage community benefit agreements with commercial renewable energy developers on the islands. SCBF has signed “Heads of Terms” with Viking Energy Wind Farm and its major shareholder, SSE Renewables, setting out a framework for legal agreements that will govern payments to be made from the Viking Community Fund (VCF), which will be administered and managed by SCBF.

These funds are for the benefit of the people and communities of Shetland and SCBF is committed to ensuring that there is a comprehensive and independent programme of community consultation, which will harness the ideas of Shetland’s people and ensure that the final business plan for using the funds reflects the priorities of local people and communities,

IBP Strategy and Research has been appointed to independently deliver a programme of community consultation and business planning support in support of this purpose. Work for this began in April 2022 and will extend to September 2023. The work will involve four phases:

  • Phase 1: Review

    April to June 2022

    A literature review and initial stakeholder consultations to generate a picture of “Shetland Today”

  • Phase 2 - Idea Generation

    July to December 2022

    Focus groups and surveys to get everyone’s ideas about how and where the funds from the Viking Community Fund could make a difference

  • Phase 3 - Idea testing

    January to April 2023

    Shortlisting of ideas and approaches, testing these out with people and identifying priorities

  • Phase 4 - Business Planning

    May to September 2023

    Building on the consultations to set out a business plan and framework for how funds should be used and managed