Specialist Work

We use this page to keep our clients (past, present and future) up to date with examples of some of the more specialist or unusual research approaches that we use. The current article is on "world caf├ęs", an inventive and highly participative approach that we use to engage groups of people in in-depth, creative and insightful consultations.

The "world café" is a simple but innovative process that aims to bring people together in "conversations" that explore new insights and encourage exchange and cross-pollination of ideas in relation to key questions. The process involves people taking part in discussions of key questions in an informal, café-style atmosphere, sitting around small tables. Key issues can be recorded on paper tablecloths and individuals move amongst tables, helping to build links between the different strands of the "conversation". The process lends itself particularly well, therefore, to addressing the cross-cutting objectives in the current draft of the Plan.

IBP has delivered "world café" consultations for organisations such as Aberdeenshire Council, East Dunbartonshire Council, Glasgow Community Planning Partnership, Glasgow University SRC and NHS24. We are always happy to talk through your requirements in detail, without obligation, to make sure that the research methods we propose fit with your objectives and budget.


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